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Texas Land Surveying
Bushong Land Surveying located in Ingram Texas has been surveying the Texas Hill Country and Southwest Texas for over 35 years.  Your hometown surveyor servicing Kerrville, Junction, Menard, Mason, Fredericksburg, Ingram, Leakey, Sonora, Ozona, Del Rio, Rocksprings, Uvalde, Bracketville, Boerne, Comfort, Center Point, and more.  We have two Resistered Professional Land Surveyors on staff ready to meet your surveying needs.  We offer a full range of surveying options and use state of the art GPS equipment on all of our surveys to ensure accuracy and a timely turnaround.  Whether you are a real estate agent, title company, lending institution, or an individual land owner, we would like the opportunity to become your surveyor.
Our Services Include:

Boundary Surveys: This type of survey includes locating, marking and measuring the perimeter of a piece of land, including a plat and legal description.

Title Surveys: Surveys that include the location of  easements, encroachments, roadways, structures and other information provided by the Title Commitment. This type of survey may be required by the title company or the lending institution.

Topographic Surveys:  A topographic survey reflects elevations on  a piece of property as contours. Physical objects such as trees, buildings, utilities and specific land features may also be shown.

Subdivisions:  When a piece of property is being subdivided the county may have platting requirements that need to be satisfied before it can be recorded in the courthouse.  Subdivisions have to be presented to the commissioners for preliminary approval and final approval before being recorded.

As-built Surveys:  A boundary survey which includes the location of improvements such as buildings, utilities, driveways, etc.

Construction Surveys: Often times the boundary of a tract of land does not coincide with the existing fence or there is no fence at all.  When a client wants to build a new fence on line, nails and 4' wooden laths   are placed on the line at specific distances so the fence builder may accurately build the fence. 

Ranch Mapping: If you would like a map of your ranch with all roadways, fences, buildings, deer stand locations, tanks, wells,  etc. we can help. These maps can be overlayed on a topo as well.

Estate Surveys: Dividing a family ranch can be a daunting task, but with the help of a knowledgeable surveyor it becomes more manageable. 

Well Locations: Gas wells have to be recorded with the Texas Railroad Commission and show distances from lease lines and boundary lines.  Specific information about the well itself  must be included such as the name, latitude/longitude, and elevation.

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